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Dual Master’s Degree Program in collaboration with TIAS School for Business and Society, Tilburg University, Netherlands

The Business School, CUPL and TIAS School for Business and Society, Tilburg University collaborate to offer a dual master’s degree program. Each party of the program is responsible for their own part of the courses and diploma. Students of this program will receive a diploma from the Business School at CUPL as well as a master’s degree of Science in Business Administration after they complete all the required courses and pass the dissertation.. The students admitted into the dual degree program are expected to complete their first-year study at CULP and pass the test for applicants, and then proceed to complete their second-year study at TIAS.


Multi-lingual Master’s Courses of International Business Management at Mokwon University, South Korea

 CULP and Mokwon University have signed an agreement to operate a joint master level “1+1” programs which recognize each other’s courses and credits. In step one, students will study at CULP to complete the courses including those required in Mokwon university’s curriculum and a Korean language program. In step two, students will go to Mokwon University to study for one more year and complete all the core courses of the curriculum along with other required courses. Students will receive the diploma after finishing all courses and other requirement.

MBA program at Missouri State University, USA

Since 2017, CUPL has been collaborating with the business school at Missouri State University. The program allows the students at CUPL to go to the US and study in this well-established business program. Students will be granted master’s degrees by Missouri State University after they passingthe one-year program at Missouri State University.

Dual MBA Program by CUPL and University of Detroit Mercy

The MBA program at University of Detroit Mercy has been AACSB accredited since 1949. Only 5% of the top business school in the world are AACSB accredited. CUPL has signed an agreement with University of Detroit Mercy in May 2010 to run a joint program that is committed to cultivating next generation of business leaders with international perspectives. After Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan has become a partner of University of Detroit Mercy, CUPL has become its only dual degree partner that University of Detroit Mercy has in mainland China. Before spending the last year at Detroit campus, the students enrolled in the program are expected to complete all required and elective courses at CUPL. Upon completion of the program, the students will get dual MBA degrees from both universities.


Short-term International Studies Programs

International Studies Programs are integral parts of our ever-globalized MBA programs. They allow our students to broaden their horizon and gain international perspectives.

These programs will open the eyes of the students and give them a chance to see for themselves how industry giants operate in other countries. They will have opportunities to learn about the most cutting-edge management patterns, to experience cultural diversity on the campuses of top universities, to be exposed to different education models and teaching methodologies. The program will contribute to making our students true global citizens and business leaders of the future.

We have had many successful International Studies Program in Hong Kong and the US. Our innovative program will continue to grow in the future. Please stay tuned for our much-anticipated international studies programs.


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