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(1) Our Competitive Edge

Full-time Class:
The objective of the full time program is to provide a solid foundation in the areas of Business Administration, to cast business management of legal entity and business management of  financial capabilities as the core, to gain support from legal and financial business rich relationships,in order to cultivate legal and financial elites who possess solid theoretical and practical ability in Management, Economics, Laws and Finance.

Part-time Finance and Legal Business Elite Class:
The objective of the program is to provide continued education for business elites who are well established in their fields of expertise or have made outstanding achievements in their jobs. It is intended for them to further improve their comprehensive business management of legal entity and business management of  financial accomplishment, expand legal and financial business networking and resources, and become outstanding business managers, senior legal specialist and business elites in financial sector.

(2) MBA majors
Business Administration
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Legal and Business Management
Capital Finance and Internet Finance
Key Industries
Financial Accounting
International Business
Enterprise Transformation and Enterprise History

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