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Executive Education Programs
Center of Executive Education at CUPL Business School is a specialized institution for the training and development of top managers. The Executive Education Programmes (EEP) launched by the center is a non-diploma education and training programme mainly for executive level participants. The EEP embrace our education concept of “one major with two wings”. In addition to the regular business management courses, the program has taken full advantage of CUPL’s strength in law education, and included modules that will equip the students with a legal perspective in their business practice.

Major Programs
1. Advanced Programs
(1) Workshop on the Core Modules of Business Administration
(2)Advanced Workshop on the Core Modules of Industry-specific Business Administration

2. Executive continued education programs
(1) Workshop on Business Administration
(2) Workshop on Business Management of Legal Entity
(3) Workshop on Accounting (Forensic Accounting)
(4) Workshop on Industrial Economy
(5) Workshop on Finance
(6) Workshop on International Trade

3. Featured Programs
(1) Workshop on ACCA
(2) Workshop on CFA
(3) Workshop on FRM
(4) Workshop on CFE

4. Advanced Training Programs on Specific Topics
(1) Advanced Workshop on Judicial Expertise Cross-examination.
(2) Advanced Workshop on How Entrepreneurs Can Develop Legal Wisdom and Business Acumen to Handle Both Internal and External Affairs Wisely.
(3) Advanced Workshop on Enterprise Anti-corruption and Compliance.
(4) Advanced Workshop on How Real Economy Can Be Empowered by Blockchain and Other New Technologies

5. Professional Certification Programs
Forensic Accounting (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior levels)

6. Customized Programs
Customized training programs can be offered to meet the demand of a company or an  organization. The tailor-made curriculum will focus on issues in China’s socio-economic development if necessary.