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(1) Financial Engineering (as known as Cheng Siwei Experimental Programme for Financial Elites)
This is an innovative joint program between CUPL and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. This high-level experimental programme was founded to take full advantages of the best resources from these two top tier universities. The programme was named after Mr. Cheng Siwei, hence also referred to as the Cheng’s Programme. This programme has leveraged CUPL’s strengths in the areas of capital finance, financial engineering and computational finance. As a leader in sciences, the university of Chinese Academy of Sciences has leveraged its strength in the areas of mathematics, intelligent computing, and finance laboratory. This joint program has put extra attention on capital finance and computational finance. Elites in financial industries have been invited as practical tutors in the program as part of the in-depth university-industry collaboration. As the newest undergraduate programme in the business school, the innovative approaches in teaching and research of the programme has been inspirational to other programmes in the business school. Students of the Cheng’s Program can get a BA in economics and a bachelor’s degree of science upon completion of required credits.

(2) International Business
In 2003, CUPL has exercised its privilege of academic autonomy and established the undergraduate programme of International Business. This programme was the first to have featured business education complemented by law education. It has pioneered a brand-new approach to develop high-end professionals with cross-disciplinary competencies – The department has been designated as the model exploring business education concept – “The innovative new model for the development of a new generation of business leaders who have profound understandings of law and appreciations for legal issues of business.”

(3) Business Administration
The Business Administration Programme sits at the core of the new education concept of “one major with two wings”. The program is also a pilot project exploring a new education model which aims to develop future business leaders who will understand laws and appreciate legal issues of the business. This programme is working closely with many world class universities from both home and abroad. It is uniquely positioned to provide quality education for future business leaders.  

(4) Economics
With the new education concept of “one major with two wings”, the programme of Economics is concerned and given priority by CUPL Business School. This programme is not only important by its own right, it also of fundamental importance to Management, Law, Political Science and other Liberal Arts programmes in CUPL.

(5)Information and Computing Science