The Department of Business School held an online meeting for the arrangement of 2020 spring semester.

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According to President Xi’s instructions on the epidemic situation, the spirit of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Education and the unified arrangement of the leading group for the prevention of the epidemic in CUPL, the Department of Business Administration in Business School held a network meeting on teaching and research through “Tencent Conference” in the morning of February 23. The meeting was chaired by Fan Gu, deputy director of the department. All the faculty in the Department of Business Administration attended this meeting.

Professor Ling Wang, head of the department, firstly conveyed the warm greetings from the school and college leaders to all the faculty and carefully asked their health status, especially the two faculty lived in Wuhan now. She reminded all the faculty should take care of themselves at first and then can start the work of the new semester with passion. After that, Fan Gu discussed and communicated the teaching and research work and student management work with all the attendees. He emphasized the importance of online teaching and stated that all the faculty should accomplish the teaching tasks based on the requirement from the college. He also stated that all the teaching work should be well prepared before February 24, 2020 and teaching arrangement should be well managed during the epidemic period. All the faculty should communicate with the department on time and give feedback to make sure the high quality of teaching work. All the faculty should make sure the online teaching can be deployed smoothly even the whole campus has been shut down. Ting Wang and Fan Gu shared their online teaching experience with all the faculty and helped them to understand and be familiarize the online teaching method and process. 

Then, Fan Gu conveyed the detailed implementation method of “Double Tutor” during the epidemic prevention and control period. He pointed out that all the academic instructors should keep tracking the status of students’ daily learning and maintain contact with their students during the epidemic period. He also reminded all the academic instructors should give instructions online to all the graduates on their thesis work and make sure that the students’ thesis is on the right track and can be finished with satisfying quality.

The enrollment examination for 2020 graduates will be arranged based on the progress of epidemic prevention and control work and detailed notice from Graduates School in CUPL.

In the end, Fan Gu reminded all the faculty who plan to apply national research funding to pay attention to the updates of funding applications because the submission deadline of the national funding application is still pending. The faculty should prepare the application materials as early as possible and wait for the notice from the national funding office. 

The new semester is coming, the fast adjustment and smooth development of the management work in the Business School are the firm cornerstones for all the faculty members to deploy their work.

In summary, this online meeting provided a detailed arrangement of teaching and research and student management work during the epidemic prevention and control period. All the faculty members should work together to move forward and overcome the obstacles.

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