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In service of China’s pursuit of higher-quality development and higher-level opening-up, the objective and mission of Business School of the China University of Political Science and Law is to leverage the governance expertise of our institution’s first-class law discipline in cultivating talented economic management personnel with inherent specialties, and shape our academic, as well as professional strengths.

These specialties include, but are not limited to, business analysis, technology transformation, industrial configuration, business environment, comparative economy, digital economy, default management, corporate governance, forensic accounting, audit supervision, business risk, debt restructuring, and economic security.

We hope that our students will gain a deeper understanding of the society they live in through the study of economics and business, so as to better serve our society and nation, and become outstanding interdisciplinary talents in this new era, possessing understandings of the inherent logic of business and law, perspectives that encompass the economy and society, as well as fluencies in international and domestic business practices.