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【专著】巫云仙:《A Financial History of China (1949–2019)[中国金融史(1949-2019)]》

2024-01-06  Clicks:

巫云仙的专著《A Financial History of China  (1949–2019)[中国金融史(1949-2019)]》由Springer,社会科学文献出版社于2023年12月出版。


This book summarizes the financial development of China from 1949 to 2019. This book divides the process of financial development during the past 70 years into five stages, focusing on the development characteristics of different parts of the financial institution system, including banks, securities, insurance, and other financial institutions, as well as the difficult growth process of financial markets (currency, capital, bond, and foreign exchange markets, etc.) from absence to existence, from small to large.

This book objectively analyzes the achievements of China’s financial industry in the past 70 years and reveals the historical experience and enlightenment contained therein.